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Our 8am tour with Martin was awesome! Because we went early and during winter, we had the entire Canyon to ourselves. Martin, our guide from Antelope Canyon tours, was a pleasure to be around and gave us great tips on where to shoot inside the canyon. He also is very knowledgeable about the area and can suggest many things to do and see (he used to also give tours for the Grand Canyon) - I definitely recommend meeting with Martin early on in your trip so you can chat with him.

Total cost for 4 adults, $116 (Navajo fees and taxes included). You have to take a tour to see the canyon (you can't just drive there and look around unguided). I reserved with Antelope Canyon Tours online about a week before we went and had no issues whatsoever.
7:45am 22 South Lake Powell Blvd.Antelope Canyon ToursView of Power PlantsGround ShotFront Side of Antelope Canyon

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